Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies

Some 2300 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, attend more than 30 study programmes based on our strong points in research :

  • 12 undergraduate degrees
  • 14 Masters of sciences programmes
  • 4 Masters of Engineering
  • 3 doctoral schools
    in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, physics, mathematics, civil engineering, and earth and environmental sciences.

Faculty of Science is involved in pioneering scientific research aiming for more sustainable future and better quality of life.

Right from the start, the University of La Rochelle has had an international focus. The ever-increasing number of international students coming here, either as part of an exchange programme or in a private capacity, is a good indication that this policy is a success.

The University of La Rochelle is young and dynamic. It is an integral part of the local economic and cultural environment and contributes to the development of this area.

Students adapt rapidly to their new life here because it is a welcoming and friendly place in which to study, and its lovely seaside location makes settling in even easier.


Studying at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies

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Since September 2015, our training offer proposes courses partially or completely in English.
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